Author & Show Host: George Lunsford
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George is a Cryptozoologist along with being a Field Researcher and Investigtor of Cryptids, the Paranormal and UFOs. He has done many jobs from being a maintenance man to making explosives for the government. He was also an actor for many years doing indie feature films, commercials, book trailers, Public service videos, and even a music video for the Steep Canyon Rangers called Long Shot.

George's life was changed when he was a young man. His great-grandmother passed away and her spirit visited him one night, sitting on the foot of his bed. She looked at him and said I love you, said goodbye and disappeared. He wanted to believe it was just a dream but could smell her scent in his room.

George attended a haunted high School. In his early twenties he had a near death experience from pneumonia. He saw his own body in the bed and a lady that had died in that hospital room stood there talking to him. He saw the Angel of death as he opened a portal of bright light. The spirit that was talking to him, told him "it's not your time". He laid back down and woke up to alarms going off and nurses busting into hospital room.

George also had encounters in the Bermuda Triangle, a UFO in the middle of the ocean, and many other events. George has always been interested in paranormal, cyprid creature, and Bigfoot and has done a lot of research thought his lifetime.

George wrote "Legends, Myth, Monsters, and Ghost" because he wanted to share the stories he's heard and researched from all over the US with the world. He wants people to know that there is so much out in the world, then in that little bubble we all live in. When we were young, the older people would pass these stories down and we would go out and try to see if they where real. He hopes that sharing these stories, will give everyone an adventure to go on. George being an old sailor has had many adventures both at sea and on land. Please enjoy his books and go on your own adventures. Be safe!!!!